A Message From The Committee Chair

August 1, 2020
Hello  Solano Democrats!
Democrats, let's get to work. Spread the word. We need to elect Democrats to defend our values and rebuild our society. The past three years have made the majority of Americans less safe, less healthy, and poorer. Everyone needs to help get out the vote. Get a friend to join you!

At the June Central Committee meeting, the membership adopted a Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis in California. We adopted a second Resolution
calling for systematic reforms leading to the demilitarization of the police, ending racial profiling, reforming criminal justice and investing in young people, families, and
communities in order to resolve our society’s race-based injustice and inequities.

August will be an exciting month for Democrats. Be sure to tune in to the Democratic National Convention August 17-August 20. There will be inspiring words from
Democrats who have been working hard to turn the government into one that is working for everyone, not just the select few.

Many local Democrats have stepped up to run for office. All of us are needed to help them get elected. It is wonderful to have so many candidates who are “woke” and ready
to make a difference. The SDCC will make endorsements on August 20. If you are a Democratic Candidate, or know a Democratic Candidate, the endorsement
questionnaire is on the website.

Window signs will soon be available for Solano Democrats. Order yours to show that you support the Blue Wave. Let’s get window signs in every Solano window!

The local Democratic Clubs continue to have informative and productive meetings. Elected Officials have been coming to club meetings to update members on issues and ballot measures. In addition, the clubs continue to work on getting Democrats elected to office and working on important issues. Join a Democratic club and get involved!

Let’s Get This Done,

Margie Olson,

Solano County Democratic Central Committee Officers

Chair:  Margie Olson

Northern Vice-Chair:  Verneal Brumfield

Southern Vice-Chair:  Tiffanee Jones

Secretary:  Jeanette Wylie

Treasurer:  Morgan L. Hannigan

Parliamentarian:  Lynette Henley

Information Officer:  Thomas D. Bilbo


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