Executive Board

Margie Olson
Tiffanee Jones
Southern Vice-Chair

Verneal Brumfield
Northern Vice-Chair

Jeanette Wylie
Lynette Henley

Morgan L. Hannigan

Thomas Bilbo
Information Resource Officer

Committee Members

Elected District Representatives
Member District / Club   Alternate
Morgan Lyndsey Hannigan District 1   Natalie Quezada
Lynette Henley District 1   Landis Graden
Tiffanee Jones District 1   Latyna Young
Michelle Pellegrin District 1   Nancy Piotrowski
Karen Sims District 1   Leilani Quesada
Jackie Arnold District 2   John Fox
Monica Brown District 2    
Paula Bauer District 2   Deanna DuPont
Corey Penrose District 2    Jacob Gran
Steve Young District 2   Kathy Kerridge
Verneal Brumfield District 3   Wanda Williams
Daniel Espinoza District 3    
Bonnie Hamilton District 3    
Steve Quinlan District 3    
Kelly Dwyer District 4    
Jim Hardwick District 4   Laverne Appleby-Stewart
Margie Olson District 4   Ian Arnold
Brigette Hunley District 5   Andrew Hunley
Kevin McNamara District 5   J. Emily Gollinger
Jeanie White District 5   Doriss Panduro
Jeanette Wylie District 5   Dorothy Steele
Elected Official Representative
John Garamendi Congressional District 3   Jana Modena
Mike Thompson Congressional District 5   Miguel Castillo
Bill Dodd State Senate District 3   Deborah Dickson
Cecilia Aguiar Curry Assembly District 4   Jerry Castanon
Jim Frazier Assembly District 11    
Tim Grayson Assembly District 14   Norman Powers
Lynette Henley Democratic Region 2    
Monica Brown Supervisor, District 2   Pat Toth-Smith
Erin Hannigan Supervisor, District 1   Troy Notraangelo
Chartered Club Representatives
Representative Club   Alternate
Rhonda Smith Community Democratic Club    
Don Lowrie Northern Democrats    
Kari Birdseye Progressive Democrats of Benicia    
Mona Whitney-Jacoves Rio Vista Democrats    
Thomas Bilbo Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County   Jonathan Cook
Brenda Crawford United Democrats of Southern Solano County    

Updated 7/12/2020

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