A Message from our Chair

Hello Solano County Democrats, 

January is a busy month for Democrats. We are all looking forward to the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th. The violence in the nation’s capital has unfortunately put a damper on our excitement and Covid has placed limitations on our ability to get together. Each of us can celebrate the event as best we can. Celebrate in your own way. Watch and cheer the swearing in ceremony, toast the new president and vice president, sing a hopeful or victorious song, join friends on line, write postcards, do something special to mark the day.


President Biden will begin a new era that will move the United States away from the divisiveness, mean spiritedness and dishonesty that has characterized the past 4 years. This is indeed something to celebrate. Then, roll up your sleeves and do your part to make the Biden era a success. Do not allow the opposition party to seize the narrative again. All of us need to stay on top of the issues and defend Democratic principles.


Many of our Solano Democratic candidates are now elected officials. It is our responsibility as Democrats and as residents of Solano County to keep up to date on local issues and ensure that these elected officials are successful in their efforts to govern. We can be very proud of the tireless efforts of our Solano Democrats.


January 18th is Martin Luther King Day, and a National Day of Service and Solano Democrats are dedicating the month of January to reach out to those in need. In honor of Martin Luther King, the Solano Democratic Party is continuing the Virtual Food Drive for donations to the Contra Costa and Solano Foodbank. Please participate as best you can and reach out to friends and family to join in this effort.


Marjorie Olson

Chair, Solano County Democratic Central Committee


Democratic Virtual Food Drive!

Support the Solano Democrat's Virtual Food Drive for the Contra Costa and Solano Foodbank!

You can give someone in need food without lifting a can!  The Solano County Democratic Central Committee is wanting to raise $1,000.  Can you help? 

Virtual Giving Provides a Real Impact!

Hunger is a real problem in our community. The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano provides food to fill the need TODAY as we advocate for TOMORROW. Virtual Food Drives allow you to make food donations online instead of in person. Your donation goes further with our bulk buying power.

$1 = 2 Meals!

 Can you give today?


Solano County Democratic Central Committee Officers

Chair:  Margie Olson

Northern Vice-Chair:  Verneal Brumfield

Southern Vice-Chair:  Tiffanee Jones

Secretary:  Jeanette Wylie

Treasurer:  Morgan L. Hannigan

Parliamentarian:  Lynette Henley

Information Officer:  Thomas D. Bilbo


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