A Message from our Chair

July 2021

Hello Solano County Democrats, 

Happy summer! The Solano County Democrats have been celebrating Gay Pride month and also the new holiday, Juneteenth. Two resolutions; one celebrating Gay Pride and one honoring Juneteenth were adopted at the June meeting.

Thanks to our governor, Californian’s COVID-19 numbers are down, and vaccinations are available to all Californians over the age of 12. The California economy is leading the nation in recovery. Congress and President Biden are continuing their work on the Infrastructure bill and voting rights.

The California Democratic Party is gearing up to fight the Campaign to Recall the Governor.  To defeat the recall, the California Democratic Party has created the mobilize website, https://www.mobilize.us/cadems.  On the mobilize website, you can sign up for an action or plan an action to defeat the recall.  It is very important that we Democrats generate a big turnout at the polls to defeat the recall.  

In addition, some of our local elected Democrats have been targeted for recalls. Solano County Democrats, along with the  local Democratic Clubs, will be  organizing  to defeat any coming recalls.  Check the calendar for events.

Keep up the spirit,


Marjorie Olson

Chair, Solano County Democratic Central Committee


Democratic Virtual Food Drive!

Support the Solano Democrat's Virtual Food Drive for the Contra Costa and Solano Foodbank!

You can give someone in need food without lifting a can!  The Solano County Democratic Central Committee has raised over $1,000 to support hungry people and families in Solano County.  Can you help us raise more? 

Virtual Giving Provides a Real Impact!

Hunger is a real problem in our community. The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano provides food to fill the need TODAY as we advocate for TOMORROW. Virtual Food Drives allow you to make food donations online instead of in person. Your donation goes further with our bulk buying power.

$1 = 2 Meals!

 Can you give today?


Solano County Democratic Central Committee Officers

Chair:  Margie Olson

Northern Vice-Chair:  Verneal Brumfield

Southern Vice-Chair:  Tiffanee Jones

Secretary:  Jeanette Wylie

Treasurer:  Morgan L. Hannigan

Parliamentarian:  Lynette Henley

Information Officer:  Thomas D. Bilbo


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