2023 Democratic Awards Dinner

January 27th 2024 from 5-8 pm
County Event Center 601 Texas Street, Fairfield, CA
Tickets $60 - Sponsorships Available

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A Message From Our Chair for 2024

Fellow Democrats,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2024.  As I write this, the first primary contests in the nation are just a few weeks away, and in California, our primary election is moving into high gear.  As Democrats, we benefit from an abundance of highly qualified candidates for both the United States Senate and our own state Senate district here in Solano County.  I encourage each voter to research the candidates and choose the one that best fits their values and priorities.

This November, we face what may well be one of the most pivotal elections in our nation’s history, ranking with the elections of 1860 and 1932.  The opposition party’s leading candidate has publicly declared he intends to be “a dictator on Day One” if elected, and his fellow partisans join him in rejecting our time-honored American values of democracy, free and fair elections, and impartial administration of the law.  They have aimed at the fundamental rights of women, of LGBTQ+ persons, immigrants, and historically excluded groups of every type.  They have disrupted the fundamental processes of government, are launching bogus investigations of our President out of spite, and are placing the very existence of a friendly democratic nation at risk for partisan gamesmanship.  President Biden is right: democracy itself is at stake.

We must come together as a party and as a society to reject the dangerous, reactionary agenda put forward by the MAGA extremists.  We must win the White House and Congress and work to help our fellow Democrats win state and local elections across the country as well as here in California.  Locally, we must continue our successful efforts in the last few elections to recruit and elect good Democrats who will advance our shared values.  The work ahead will not be easy, but it is vital for the future well-being of our nation.  I ask every one of you to give your time and energy (and dollars, if you can spare them!) in support of a Democratic victory this November.

Thank you for all that you do, and all that you will do, to make our community a better place for all of its residents.


Don Lowrie

[email protected]

Solano County Democratic Central Committee Officers

Chair:  Don Lowrie

Northern Vice-Chair:  Verneal Brumfield

Southern Vice-Chair:  Tiffanee Jones

Secretary:  Corey Penrose

Treasurer:  Paula Bauer

Parliamentarian:  Julia Routson-Thomas

Information Officer:  Thomas D. Bilbo

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