Executive Board

Margie Olson
Tiffanee Jones
Southern Vice-Chair

Verneal Brumfield
Northern Vice-Chair

Jeanette Wylie
Lynette Henley

Morgan L. Hannigan

Thomas Bilbo
Information Resource Officer

Other methods of reaching out to the Committee Executive Board

Phone:  707-800-3609 (leave a message)
Email:  [email protected]

Committee Members

Elected District Representatives
Member District / Club   Alternate
Morgan Lyndsay Hannigan* District 1   Hakeem Brown
Lynette Henley District 1   Landis Gradee
Tiffanee Jones District 1   Latyna Young
Michelle Pellegrin* District 1   Nancy Piotrowski*
Leilani Quesada District 1   (Phillip) Maui Wilson
John Fox District 2   Joseph Hayden
Paula Bauer*(e) District 2    
Monica Brown*(e) District 2   Ana Petero
Robert (Corey) Penrose* District 2    Jacob Gran
Steve Young* District 2   Kathy Kerridge*
Verneal Brumfield District 3   Wanda Williams
Daniel (Jesus) Espinoza* District 3    
Bonnie Hamilton* District 3   Steve Federle
Steve Quinlan* District 3    
Kelly Dwyer* District 4    
Jim Hardwick District 4   Logan Legg
Margie Olson* District 4   Ian Arnold*
Brigette Hunley* District 5   Andrew Hunley
Kevin McNamara* District 5    
Jeanie White District 5   Doriss Panduro
Jeanette Wylie* District 5   Dorothy Steele
* - California Democratic Party Central Committee (CC) Delegates
(e) - California Democratic Party CC Executive Board Representatives
Elected Officials / Representative
John Garamendi Congressional District 3   Jana Modena
Mike Thompson Congressional District 5   Miguel Castillo
Bill Dodd State Senate District 3   Deborah Dickson
Cecilia Aguiar Curry Assembly District 4   Jerry Castanon
Jim Frazier Assembly District 11    
Tim Grayson Assembly District 14   Norman Powers
Monica Brown Supervisor, District 2   Pat Toth-Smith
Erin Hannigan Supervisor, District 1    
Chartered Club Representatives
Representative Club   Alternate
Rhonda Smith Community Democratic Club   Calvin Harrel Jr.
Matthew Finkelstein Jewish Democratic Club of Solano County   Susan George
Don Lowrie Northern Solano Democratic Club    
Kari Birdseye Progressive Democrats of Benicia   Maggie Kolk
Mona Whitney-Jacoves Rio Vista Democrats    
Natalie Hannigan Solano Democratic Workers Alliance   Joe Summers
Thomas Bilbo Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County    
Brenda Crawford United Democrats of Southern Solano County   L. Alexander Matias

As of 3/7/2022

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