Voters Checklist

Register to Vote

You must be registered before voting in any election. You may apply online or submit a voter registration card to the County's Elections Office.

Vote By Mail (Suggested)

While registering to vote, we suggest that you initial the Permanent Absentee Voter box.

Permanent Absentee Voters (PAV) get their ballots weeks before an election. This gives voters the flexibility to vote at THEIR convenience, while still allowing them to cast their ballot at the polls if they wish.

If you are already registered, but not a Permanent Absentee Voter (PAV), we suggest you APPLY.

Find Your Polling Place

If you are a poll voter or if you forget to mail your ballot, use this link to find your polling location. A completed Vote-By-Mail Ballot may be dropped off at any polling location on election day.

Review Our Candidates

Help us elect our endorsed Democratic candidates. A printable list of our candidates is available HERE.


Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th! Get to the polls and cast your ballot!

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